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Dear Albert,

I think it was 1951 or 52 — in winter.

The Curtis Beech family (Ellisville) was returning home and their car was hit by train. Killed were Mr. and Mrs. Beech, twin daughters (about 4 years old), and unborn baby. The only survivor was babe-in-arms Curtis Ray Beech. His mother tossed him out the window.

I cannot find information about this anywhere. You'd think RAILROAD WRECK RECORDS would have it, but NO MENTION.

Thanks — stay safe!



Dear Casey:

Thank you for this question. I had no idea about this story, but I was able to track down the source himself, Curtis Ray Beech, who is now 69 years old and owns Curt’s Tire and Auto on Highway 11 in Ellisville. Mr. Beech informed me that he was not thrown out of the window of the car but instead was in the car during the crash. He was 16 months old at the time and was found in a basket of clothes. His family was heading home from the laundromat when the car was struck by the train. Curtis Ray suffered multiple broken bones and spent months in a full body cast at the old Ellisville Hospital.  

Tragically, Curtis Ray’s entire family was killed in the wreck, including his sisters, who were not twins. Mr. Beech was raised by his aunt and uncle and has agreed to do a more extensive interview about his incredible life. Look for that story in a future edition of The Laurel Leader-Call.


Dear Albert:

After paying close attention to what has happened so far during this young college football season, it is clear that Clemson won’t be challenging Nick Saban and mighty Alabama for the national championship. I know that Florida gave Bama a run for their money but is there any team with a real good chance of taking down the Tide this year?


The rest of the college football world

Dear Rest:

Even though I enjoy watching the games and I root for all three Mississippi teams, I wouldn’t consider myself close to being a prognosticator of college football. There used to be a sports editor who worked at this newspaper called “The Guru," who took pride in his bold college football predictions, so I contacted “The Guru” Josh Nichols. Josh believes that the team with the best chance to knock off Alabama in the SEC Western Division is Ole Miss (that is quite a statement coming from the self-proclaimed Ole Miss hater). However, he believes Bama pulls out that game. The game that “The Guru” foresees that will knock Alabama off of their championship perch is in the SEC Championship game, where he sees current No. 2 Georgia taking down the mighty Crimson Tide.

Dear Albert:

Why does my arm sometimes fall asleep?

Curious Kid

Dear Curious Kid:

There isn’t anything creepier than when you wake in the middle of the night and you have absolutely no feeling left in your arm and hand. The reason this happens is because blood flow to the nerves has been cut off. This usually happens to me when I roll over in my sleep and end up on top of my arm, but it can also happen if you stay in one position for too long. All parts of the body, including the nerves, require blood to function.

When you roll off your arm and stop the compression of the nerves, you will first experience a tingling sensation as the blood flows back to the nerves and they begin to work again. The good news is that after you move around a bit, your arm will wake back up and be as good as new.

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