Marilyn Deaton

Marilyn Deaton

Comfort and Joy are two of my favorite things. My children and grandchildren have brought me comfort and joy, usually. 

My rule is to say, “no,” if it is dangerous or unkind. The little things don’t bother me, but don’t break the One Rule. As a mom, that one rule was, “Do not drink and drive.” My boys knew never would that car ever be off of the driveway again. 

I don’t have to do the parenting rule with my grandchildren ... that is why it’s called “Grandmother.” So, it is a pretty easy life at GiGi’s. 

However, GiGi said “no” to something that was neither unkind nor dangerous. It was simply pushing GiGi over the edge and of all of the Grands, it was Caroline. She is the darling of the family because she is the youngest and vastly entertaining. 

This week, we decided to watch “Polyanna” as our first choice of movies. Well, it was my first choice. Caroline asked if she could watch “High School Musical.” Why, of course, darling, sit your precious self down and watch it. My ears can take a little break from your astonishing, constant sweet chatter. 

I heard all of the teen angst and singing, so much singing, for the length of the show. Whew! Finally, the movie teens shut their mouths … I mean, the entertainment was over. 

But, wait! Do you hear what I hear? “High School Musical 2” is starting. This is not good, but where is my infinite patience? 

Two more hours of teen angst and singing … I mean, belting it out Broadway style. My head had begun to have that tight band around it when one is trying to keep it from exploding. Apparently, “High School Musical 2” meant “gymnastics time” here on the loud hardwood floors. Then, when isn’t it “gymnastics time?” In a movie theater, a church service, the aisles at Kroger? Check check check. Eventually, I heard “High School Musical” grand finale. Praise. 

Suddenly ... “GiGi, guess what? There is a ‘High School Musical 3!’” I was so sad to realize there is no alcohol here. So, the fifth and sixth hours of “High School Musical” commenced. Did you know that one can take three BC powders at once? 

Finally, it was all over and Caroline ran outside to play AS ALL LITTLE CHILDREN SHOULD DO. 

I was putting supper together. (Yes, I fix supper. Dinner is on Sunday at noon.) What is that I hear? Surely, not! But yes, it is “High School Musical” starting over with number one. 

Caroline must have thought I had lost my mind. In fact, I had lost my mind. It finally happened, friends. All of the things I persevered through all of my life did not break me. It took “High School Musical” to bring on a breakdown. The television was turned off. I draped a bedspread completely over it. It was understood that IN THIS HOUSE, NO MORE “HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!” 

Later, when brother Alex came down for supper, I overheard Caroline say, “Whatever you do, do not mention ‘High School Musical.’ It makes GiGi cry.” 

Yes. Yes it does. 

Merry Christmas to all and thank you for reading my stories. Looking to 2022 with the Thrill of Hope, as the Weary World Rejoices. For unto us, Christ the King, a Savior is born. 

Marilyn Deaton writes true adventures about people, pets, the public and never-ending home repairs. She lives in Laurel. 

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