With cooler weather on the horizon and the fall season upon us, it is time to bring out your pumpkin decor. There is no need to break your bank if you are needing to add new flair to your home this season. Here are some easy DIY projects that are sure to make you 'fall" in love!

scrap wood pumpkin

Scrap Wood Pumpkins

Items Needed: scrap pieces of 2x4, a tree branch broken into small pieces, orange paint, paint brush, hot glue gun and ribbon of your choice. 

Directions: Using your paint brush, paint the wood orange. Once the paint has dried, attach a piece of the tree branch vertically on top of the wood using hot glue. After securing the tree branch, tie the ribbon around the branch.


Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Items Needed: toilet paper rolls, 18-inch square pieces of fabric, 3-4 inch tree branch, green ribbon and a pencil.

Directions: Lay out your fabric square and place the toilet paper roll on top. Start with one corner of the fabric and tuck it inside of the toilet paper roll using a pencil. Continue this technique for all four corners. Tie a ribbon around your branch and insert in the toilet paper roll.


pumpkin planters

Plastic Pumpkin Planters

Items Needed: plastic pumpkin candy buckets, spray paint of your choice (I prefer a metallic copper color), a drill and flowers.

Directions: Spray paint your buckets. Once paint has dried, drill small holes in the bottom for the water to drain. Plant your favorite fall flowers, and they are ready to be displayed!


candy corn

Yarn Candy Corn Cones

Items Needed: styrofoam cones, yellow yarn, orange yarn, white yarn and glue of your choice.

Directions: Start by add ing a line of glue to the bottom of the cone and place the yellow yarn on top. Keep wrapping the yellow yarn up the cone until 2/3 of the cone is left. Cut the yellow yarn and glue it down. Start another line of glue and begin wrapping the orange yarn around the cone. Keep wrapping with the orange yarn until 1/3 of the cone is remaining. Cut and glue the orange yarn down. Place a line of glue and begin wrapping the white yarn until the top of the cone is covered. Cut and glue down the end of the white yarn.


candy dish

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Candy Dish

Items Needed: terra cotta  pot , terra cotta pot tray , drawer knob or wine cork, hot glue, twine, mod podge, small paint brush and a pencil.

Directions: Using your hot glue gun, attach the wine cork or drawer knob to the bottom of the terra cotta pot tray. Cut a foot long piece of twine and brush the mod lodge along the length of the twine. Wrap your coated twine around a pencil and let it dry. Once your "stem" and “vine" are dry, use hot glue to attach the twine to the base of your wine cork or drawer knob. Fill your pot with candy and place the terra cotta tray on top for a cute pumpkin candy dish!

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