KJ and BK

It has almost been my and Bradley Kate’s first month back to work and life has definitely been keeping us busy the past four weeks. Between managing two kids, getting caught up at the office and attempting to keep a clean home, we have had our work cut out for us. However, having two kids has been really entertaining, especially now that Bradley Kate’s personality is starting to come to life and KJ has expanded his vocabulary to the point where he talks nonstop. 

After having Bradley Kate, anytime we passed South Central, KJ would point and say, “Baby.” It was the cutest and sweetest thing. We were in awe of how smart our little man was.

After a month or so, that all changed when KJ began pointing and saying, “More babies, more babies.” For a moment, my husband and I were speechless. Once we recovered from the shock, I said, “No, KJ, we have you and sissy. We don’t need any more babies.” 

Cue the meltdown.  

    KJ had tears pouring down his face as he repeatedly said, “More babies, I want more babies.” 

    After five minutes of consoling him and trying to bribe him with a puppy instead, KJ finally stopped his tantrum… well, until the next time we passed the hospital. It has now been roughly three weeks since the first meltdown and KJ has finally started saying, “No more babies, no more babies.” He’s either decided that he would rather have a puppy or realized what it would mean if we were to have another baby.  

Since it has been a little over a year since KJ came to work with me every day, I was really nervous starting over with Bradley Kate. KJ was the epitome of the perfect office baby and he left some pretty big shoes to fill. I know it has only been one month in, but Bradley Kate has been pretty close to filling them so far. In the past four weeks, we haven’t experienced any major crying spells or blowouts, so I’m claiming that as a win in my book.  

I am not sure how Colby and I were blessed with two healthy and excellent babies, but I am so grateful God chose us. This last month has given us a run for our money, but when I tuck our two in their beds at night, it makes everything more than worth it.

Here is to hoping KJ continues being OK with just one sibling and Bradley Kate keeps on being a wonderful office baby!

Lakyn Prince is office manager of the Leader-Call. Email her at 

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