With school out for the summer, it is time to prepare yourself for the inevitable “I’m bored!” from your kids. To keep your sanity and savings account in tact, here are some budget- and kid-friendly summer activities to kick off their summer!

DIY bird feeders

bird feeder.jpg

This is a cheap and easy DIY that almost any age group can do. Not only will your child enjoy making these bird feeders, they will also get to watch birds eat from something they created!

Items needed: empty toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, birdseed, spreading utensil.

Directions: First, using the spreading utensil, coat the toilet paper roll in peanut butter. Next, roll the peanut butter covered roll in birdseed. Once the roll is covered in birdseed, simply stick it on a limb and wait for hungry birds!

DIY wind chime

If your child enjoys arts and crafts, this is the project for them! If your child enjoys this project, you could make more as gifts for grandparents to enjoy!

Items needed: garden pot (new or old), string, assorted beads, two washers and paint.

Directions: Have the child decorated the garden pot using the paint. While the paint is drying, cut the string into three or more strands 5 inches longer than the pot. Tie one end of each strand and let the child place the beads on each strand leaving 2-3 inches of string. Using one of the washers, tie all the strands in one knot around it. Feed the remaining string through the drain hole of the pot. Tie the second washer at the end of the string. Your wind chime is now ready to be hung!

Glow-in-the-dark bowling


With the weather warming up, the temps may be too hot to play baseball and soccer. However, your little all-star can show off his or her bowling skills with this simple and affordable outdoor activity!

Items needed: 10 water bottles, 10 glow sticks in a variety of colors and soccer ball.

Directions: Use the instructions included with the glow sticks to “light them.” Once they are glowing, insert a glow stick into each water bottle. Arrange the bottles into a 4-3-2-1 format (from back to front). Use the soccer ball to bowl and let the games begin!




Super Soaker Sponge Balls


Does your child love water balloons, but never seems to want to clean up the mess? Well this is a similar concept without the mess. Your child will love cooling off with these super soaker sponge balls all summer long!

Items needed: Six or more sponges, scissors, string and water.

Directions: Cut each sponge lengthwise into 4 sections. Lay four pieces side-by-side and lay another four directly on top. Next, tie a piece of string tightly around all eight pieces. Make sure the string is tied securely and cut off the excess. Repeat until all of your sponge pieces are used. Get your sponge balls wet and start your water war!

Bubble snake

bubble snake.jpg

If you're needing to keep the kids occupied, but don’t have the time to go to the store, this is the perfect activity for you and them! With no cost involved, this will be your go-to tool all summer long!

Items needed: empty water bottle, a sock, duct tape, scissors, dish soap, water and a bowl.

Directions: To start, cut the bottom off of the water bottle. Next, you will slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle. Use the duct tape to secure it. Place dish soap and a small amount of water in the bowl. Stick the sock-covered bottle into the soap mixture. Have your child gently blow out from the top of the bottle. If you want to get even more creative, place some drops of food coloring on the socks!

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