Super heroes

By Russ Farris

On behalf of the residents of Jones County and the surrounding areas, we thank you, our superheroes, for doing what you have done. We stand with you. We applaud you.

We thank the front-line workers, who risked their lives in the battle against COVID-19. We thank South Central Regional Medical Center for being on top of this crisis. From the doctors to nurses to support staff, everyone has come together for a bigger cause. We thank all health-care workers, for your sacrifice will never be lost on any of us.

We thank the everyday Joes and Janes of our “Home Town.” The good, decent people are what make this community special. So many of them in jobs we routinely overlook took a chance every time he or she went to work. 

We thank those who kept our power running and the clean water flowing from our taps. We thank the garbage haulers and the “hoppers” — talk about a thankless job. We thank all law enforcement and first-responders who never missed a beat. 

To our industries, including Laurel’s Howard Industries, Sanderson Farms and others. We can remember toilet paper shelves being bare, but when was the last time you went to a grocery store and found the chicken counter bare? That is no accident. From the feed haulers to the farmers to the processors, thank you. Much of that work is thankless, but always gets done. We thank the grocery store workers who kept the shelves stocked. We thank the delivery drivers for allowing those shelves to stay stocked.

To the teachers who have never stopped understanding the devastating effects of keeping students out of the classroom — thank you for continuing to educate our children.

Thanks to the businesses, restaurants and shops that have kept the Free State ablaze with life.

We could fill up 300 pages of giving thanks. We know there are stories far and wide — we would love to hear them. Yes, we would. Our email addresses are on the top of Page A4.

So one more time, we thank all of you who have kept the engine of our “Home Town” firing on all cylinders. In the darkest days, Laurel and Jones County has been a light that will never be extinguished.

That is no accident. 

Look in the mirror.

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