Moss Point man charged for assault in Moselle

A Laurel man was behind bars after pulling a gun on a woman he has a child with — while she was holding the child. Cory Lyles, 34, was charged with domestic aggravated assault after the incident, which occurred on July 22. She reported it to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department later that day, saying that she and Lyles had gotten into an argument when the unidentified woman went to his residence to pick up their child. She told investigators that he “held a gun to her side as she was holding the child,” according to the press release from the JCSD, and he was screaming at her.

A warrant was issued for Lyles’ arrest and he was taken into custody on Monday. He remains in the Jones County Adult Detention Center. No bond amount is listed. It’s possible that he is being held without bond because he was arrested by the JCSD in November 2016 and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Lyles was transporting approximately 2 pounds of hydroponic pot, which has a highly concentrated content of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in the drug.

His bond for that charge was revoked because he was out on bond for a May 2015 domestic aggravated assault in which he was accused of beating, choking and shooting at his ex-girlfriend. It’s not known if the same woman was involved in each case.

In an unrelated case, 38-year-old Robert Reus III of Moss Point is finally facing charges of domestic aggravated assault in Jones County more than four months after his accuser filed charges against him.

The alleged victim reported to the JCSD on March 27 that a family member, Reus, had assaulted her at her residence in Moselle. The unidentified woman said that Reus had become angry and “grabbed her throat and shoved her, which in turn popped her kneecap out of place,” according to the JCSD press release. He continued to hit her after she fell, the press release continued.

Reus was gone when deputies arrived and he continued to avoid law enforcement until he was picked up by the Forrest County Sheriff’s Department on unrelated charges. On July 27, he was transported from Forrest to Jones to face charges of aggravated assault. His bond from a previous charge of possession of methamphetamine was revoked and his current bond was set at $5,000.

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