8.11 Burroughs hearing, DA Tony Buckley talks to the judge as defense attorney Tracy Klein, left, and defendant Greg Burroughs look on..jpg

DA Tony Buckley talks to the judge as defense attorney Tracy Klein, left, and defendant Greg Burroughs look on.. (Photos by Mark Thornton)

Frequent social media commenter threatened with lawsuit

A Laurel man who was found not guilty of shooting and killing his girlfriend is apparently sensitive to even the mere suggestion that someone should shoot him.

One of Greg Burroughs’ attorneys sent a certified letter to Danny Corey demanding that he “cease and desist” posting “false and defamatory publications on social media” regarding his client.

Ken Adcock of Adcock & Morrison Attorneys at Law in Ridgeland wrote that Burroughs called his attention to Facebook posts that were being made by Corey, according to a copy of the letter that the Leader-Call obtained.

The messages Adcock referred to state that Burroughs “committed a felony crime and contains threats that someone should ‘put a bullet in his head.’”

Burroughs’ girlfriend, 23-year-old Katherine Sinclair, was found with a bullet in her head in Burroughs’ garage in the gated community Windermere on the night of June 1, 2017. As she was gasping for breath, Burroughs made two phone calls to Laurel Municipal Court Judge Kyle Robertson, who is his best friend and Sinclair’s uncle.

Burroughs was charged with manslaughter in her death, but a Franklin County judy found him not guilty of pulling the trigger. Sinclair’s family has a wrongful death suit filed against Burroughs. Burroughs’ attorneys have asked for a change of venue for the civil trial, too, and it’s likely it won’t be heard until some time next year.

Corey has been an outspoken critic of Burroughs on his Facebook page.

“This letter is being written to you as a demand to cease and desist this activity,” Adcock wrote to Corey. “Any further false publications made by you or threats made on your behalf, will result in a civil action against you. No further notice will be given.”

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