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A Calhoun man who made some disturbing statements and threats in a series of rambling rants on social media was taken into custody and is no longer a threat to the community, Chief Deputy Mitch Sumrall of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department said.

Clayton Rogers, 38, had a pair of misdemeanor warrants for his arrest from Jones County Justice Court, and that gave deputies a reason to go pick him up immediately around midday Wednesday, Sumrall said.

“He was a threat to society ... the community brought it to our attention and they demanded that something be done,” Sumrall said, adding that the department received dozens of calls and messages about the suspect’s posts on Facebook Live that day. Rogers walked around his property off Highway 84 West and called himself “God of the Earth” and, after saying he had smoked meth, he said, “I am the most high God” and “I am God, and I’m fixing to fly my spaceship.” He also made several sexual references, including claims that he sodomized Princess Di and Ariana Grande and had relations with Steven Tyler and daughter Liv Tyler together and even with Jesus.

Rogers also said he was going to make a “citizens’ arrest of Sheriff Joe Berlin” for not responding to his report of a murder and Rogers proclaimed that himself as the “Christ of the KKK.” He also asked viewers to “keep me out of jail, I’ve got to report to community service today.”

But it was his claim that he “offered” sex to a young family member and his references to trying to have sex with girls ages 12, 13 and 14 as some kind of religious experience that crossed the line into criminal conduct.

“When he threatened to have sex with underage kids, that was it,” Sumrall said. “If we can prove that someone is a danger to themselves or others, we can pick them up.”

The outstanding warrants “made it easier” to arrest Rogers immediately, Sumrall said, and the next step is to get Rogers to undergo a psychological evaluation. He remained in jail Monday on $1,000 bond. There was reportedly a lot of drug paraphernalia inside the shed that Rogers uses as a residence. Rogers hasn’t always acted like he did in the videos, said local law enforcement officials who are familiar with him.

“You can only do dope for so long before it burns your brain and you lose it,” Sumrall said.

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