Rodriques Brown

Rodriques Brown

Repeat offender given $1 million bond


A Laurel man who has a long history with local law enforcement now has an even longer rap sheet, with four more violent felonies.

Rodriques Brown, 28, was charged with aggravated assault, armed carjacking, armed robbery and kidnapping after an incident that started on the night of Monday, Oct. 7. Police aren’t releasing many details of what happened because the incident is still being investigated, Chief Tommy Cox of the Laurel Police Department said.

“There will be more charges, and there are likely to be more arrests,” he said.

Brown was arrested last week without incident after being accused of taking a vehicle, shooting the victim and leaving him on Bush Dairy Road. The victim was identified as a Hispanic man by sources with knowledge of the case.

He was found there the next morning. He either flagged down a passerby or “tripped the alarm” at Chris Albritton Construction sometime in the early hours Tuesday, Cox said.

When deputies from the Jones County Sheriff’s Department arrived, they determined that the crime was “initiated in the city,” so they called the LPD, Cox said. The victim was taken to South Central Regional Medical Center, then transferred to Forrest General with what was described as a “serious leg wound.”

The victim and his vehicle were taken while he was on 5th Avenue, just north of 15th Street, around 9 p.m., Cox said. More details will be released later, he said.

“We believe multiple people were involved,” Cox said.

Brown is well known to local law enforcement as someone who usually runs from or fights with officers. On Wednesday, investigators got information that he was at a location at Mississippi Avenue and East Elmo Street, so officers, along with a K9, surrounded the area.

“He laid down in the street and gave up,” Cox said. “It was a great job by our officers.”

Judge Kyle Robertson set Brown’s bond at $1 million in Laurel Municipal Court. There were reports that he started fighting with officers at the jail after he was returned, but again a K9 responded with other officers and got the situation under control, sources said. He has since been transferred to another jail.

In December, Brown injured two corrections officers — one with a broken leg — at the Jones County Adult Detention Center. Both officers were fired, according to sources with knowledge of the case. 

Surrounded by officers, Brown appeared agitated in that December court appearance. Even his public defender Grant Hedgepeth had to snap at him to get his attention. Brown told Judge Williamson that he couldn’t find a job and he was having trouble finding a place to live, and that was why he failed to pay old fines and court fees.

Brown pleaded guilty to robbery in May 2013 and received a seven-year suspended sentence and three years post-release supervision under the Mississippi Department of Corrections. In 2016, Williamson sent him to prison for three years for violating the terms of his release. He was released in May 2018.

Williamson warned Brown that he would be facing prison time if he was charged and convicted of assaulting an officer. 

“I feel like I didn’t do nothing,” Brown said.

Williamson said, “Just follow the rules and do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t make me send you back to prison. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.”

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