armed robbery

A Hattiesburg man is out on bond after being charged with stealing a large amount of cash from an Atlanta couple after midnight on Friday.

Timothy Jordan, 31, was arrested shortly after being accused of pistol-whipping the man, who told police he and his wife had met the man to purchase a vehicle. 

Laurel police officers who were called to the Exxon station on 16th Avenue and Interstate 59 at 1:22 a.m. on Friday found the man bleeding from the head. He and the woman with him claimed that they had been robbed of $9,000 cash at a residence on Gladiolus Drive after meeting someone on Facebook and setting up the purchase of a vehicle, Lt. Michael Reaves, who is investigating the case for the LPD.

“They said they had a few drinks together first,” Reaves said. 

While officers were working the scene around 3 a.m., they saw a vehicle turn into a residence near where the crime was reported to have occurred.

“The suspect was in the vehicle,” Reaves said.

Jordan reportedly still had the firearm, the cash and blood on his shoes.

Jordan was initially arrested for armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, but he was only charged with armed robbery because the victim reportedly didn’t want to cooperate with investigators. Jordan was released on $75,000 bond, which was set by Judge Kyle Robertson in the initial appearance in Laurel Municipal Court on Friday.

Jordan’s girlfriend and brother were also arrested, but the charges against them were dropped after it was determined that they weren’t involved in the crime, Reaves said.

Reaves agreed that it was unusual for strangers buying a vehicle to have drinks first and to be doing such a deal after midnight. He did have some advice for people who want to make purchases like that.

“If you’re going to buy something online, be careful of scams and the possibility of robberies,” he said. “If you’re carrying cash and meeting someone you don’t know, meet in a public place. You can meet at the PD. Don’t go to someone else’s house. You’re asking for problems.”

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