Tommy Plisco

Tommy Plisco

Sharon man shot at gasman for hitting tree

A man who shot at a gas truck driver last week may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, his daughter posted on social media.

Tommy Plisco, 75, of Laurel was charged with aggravated assault after being arrested by Jones County Sheriff’s Department deputies on Wednesday. He was accused of shooting at a Herring Gas Co. employee who pulled up at his home on Sharon Moss Road.

“He served two deployments in Vietnam, and a few years ago was in a very bad car accident that left him with memory loss,” Faydra Getner, who identified herself as Plisco’s daughter, posted on Facebook. “I am not saying this is an excuse. However, I am shedding light on what can happen to anyone when they suffer from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.”

Shortly after the Leader-Call reported the shooting in its online edition, the JCSD put out a press release with details about the shooting. It said that the gas-truck driver “accidentally stopped” at Plisco’s residence and knocked on the door to verify the address.

When no one answered the door, the driver got back in his truck and prepared to leave. That’s when Plisco came out “yelling at the driver, claiming he was trespassing … threatening to kill the driver,” according to the press release. 

Plisco then stood a few feet from the truck and “fired at least three rounds from a handgun — one hitting the driver’s side glass, shattering it, one round hitting the driver’s door and another hitting the fender,” according to the press release.

When asked why he shot at the driver, Plisco reportedly said it was because he hit his fig tree. The driver, identified by several sources only as “Mr. Bob,” said he didn’t hit anything on the property. 

Plisco admitted to investigators that he did threaten to kill the driver at least three times,” according to the press release. 

Justice Court Judge David Lyons set Plisco’s bond at $10,000 and he was released a few hours after being arrested.

“I thank God the driver is safe!!,” Getner posted. “I pray my father gets the help he needs. I pray for my father and for the man driving the truck. I feel so bad for the driver!!! I can’t even imagine how scared he was.”

The press release was the first issued by the JCSD regarding a criminal incident in more than a month.

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