Macon Davis near a Laurel police cruiser. (Photo by Mark Thornton)

By Mark Thornton


The man who beat three-term Sheriff Alex Hodge in the Republican primary has rejoined the Laurel Police Department.

Macon Davis, 45, will be back in uniform to work a patrol shift in the city starting Sunday night. It will be his first time back in an LPD uniform in 20 years.

“Being in law enforcement is a calling,” said Davis, who worked for the LPD 1997-2000 and then went to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department through 2008. “I miss the job, and I appreciate Chief (Tommy) Cox for giving me the opportunity to come back. It’s a good fit.”

Davis said he was looking forward to get his state retirement back up and going, and Cox said he was glad to get someone with so much experience.

“I jumped at the chance,” Cox said. “I think I called him. For years, we’ve been having to recruit people. To get someone with the variety of experience he has is great. It’s like getting a 25-year guy. What’s the downside?”

After working with the JCSD, Davis also worked as School Resource Officer at South Jones High School and served as a part-time officer at Soso Police Department after going into a private truck business.

Davis will be able to hit the ground running, but there are some things that will be new to him.

“The technology is different,” he said. “Things have come a long way, but in a good way.”

Davis was a field-training officer under then-Chief Harold Buckhaults, and he’s looking forward to mentoring new, younger officers in the future. 

Several veteran officers left the department to join new Sheriff Joe Berlin, who beat Davis in the General Election in November and took office on Monday. Davis beat Hodge in August after a three-way race led to a runoff.

“We’ve got a good balance of more experienced and younger officers,” Cox said. “This is a good move for Macon and it’s good for the Laurel Police Department.”

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