Ellisville dealer

Robert Aguilar was sentenced to 10 years in prison for dealing cocaine and marijuana. (Photo by Mark Thornton)


An Ellisville man who was dealing cocaine and marijuana, sometimes in the presence of his young children, was ordered to spend the next decade behind bars.

Robert Aguilar, 27, pleaded guilty in Jones County Circuit Court to four felony charges and was sentenced to 10 years in the full-time custody of the Mississippi Department of Corrections. 

He was arrested in November in a conspiracy to move almost 8 pounds of marijuana through the U.S. Postal Service in addition to a conspiracy to distribute cocaine (55 grams) and sale of marijuana (27 grams), plus he was convicted of felony child endangerment after doing several of the transactions in front of his young children, Assistant District Attorney Kristen Martin said.

“You’re doing a lot of damage to our community,” Judge Dal Williamson said. “You’re making the world a worse place for your children and for my grandchildren to grow up in.”

Aguilar, who was represented by Jeannene and Patrick Pacific, was facing up to 53 years in prison, if found guilty by a jury and ordered to serve his sentences consecutively. And that’s what will happen if he comes back to court on another drug charge after his release, the judge said.

“You’re lucky I don’t make you go to trial,” Williamson said. “If the jury found you guilty, I would sentence you to the maximum. If you come back before this court, I’m going to send you away for as long as I can.”

Williamson said he was going along with the plea agreement because Aguilar had no prior felony convictions.

In addition to the prison time, Aguilar will also have to spend five years on post-release supervision under MDOC, participate in the court’s community service program and pay $1,835 in court fees and fines.

Aguilar was arrested by Jones County Sheriff’s Department narcotics investigators Robert Little, Jared Lindsey and James Stiglet last November, along with nine other adults and two minors — one of who was believed to be a major supplier of drugs to local high schools.

They were having drugs delivered to a mailbox at an abandoned residence on Paulding Road, investigators said at the time. Federal agencies were notified and were looking into the source of the shipments, which came from the Brownsville, Texas area, near the Mexican border.

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