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A would-be thief made it easy for Jones County Sheriff’s Department investigators to track him down, they said.

Joseph Davenport, 32, left his wallet and ID at the scene when he fled while the property owner tried to hold him and another suspect at gunpoint, according to a press release from the JCSD. He was taken into custody by investigators and narcotics agents Wednesday at a residence on Burnt Bridge Road in Pendorff and is in the Jones County Adult Detention Center facing a charge of attempted grand larceny. He was also on probation, so he will likely face more charges from the Mississippi Department of Corrections.

“It makes it a lot easier when criminals leave their identification for us at the crime scene,” Sheriff Joe Berlin said with a chuckle. “It’s not a real smart thing to do, but we greatly appreciate it.”

Davenport and an unidentified man are accused of taking items from a barn on Augusta Road and placing them beside the roadway to load into a pickup. The property owner discovered the attempted theft in progress and held both suspects at gunpoint.

The unidentified man managed to escape in what was believed to be a light-colored Chevrolet S-10 pickup. Davenport fled on foot before deputies arrived. But he reportedly dropped his wallet, which contained four separate identifying documents — a Mississippi ID card, an original Social Security card, a certified birth certificate and Work ID with photo from a previous employer.

“We are glad to have one suspect in custody who is facing a MDOC probation violation in addition to a JCSD attempted grand larceny charge,” JCSD Investigator Wesley Waites said. “The search for the second suspect continues with some promising leads.”

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