Markel Milsap

Markel Milsap

No felony charges will be filed against a Laurel Middle School teacher who made a sexually-explicit proposal to an eighth-grader two days before his scheduled wedding day, but there will likely be a more practical punishment, officials said.

Laurel Middle School teacher and Laurel High School soccer coach Markel Milsap will likely be kicked out of his profession, which would be the best outcome for everyone involved, District Attorney Tony Buckley and Chief Tommy Cox of the Laurel Police Department agreed.

“It’s an unfortunate, stomach-turning, heinous event, but it’s fortunate that nothing happened to bring this to felony status,” Cox said. “This young lady and (Superintendent) Dr. (Toy) Watts and everyone at the school district handled this exactly the right way. The school district handled it the best way they could. They did what  they had to do in a difficult situation.

“It’s obvious that this young lady has been brought up in the right way because she handled the situation perfectly. She went to an authority and cooperated, and her actions will likely keep someone from having to go through this or worse ... What she did says a lot about her and her family. She’s a strong young lady.”

Laurel School District stated that while it cannot speak to the specifics concerning personnel matters, actions not indicative of the care and respect it expects from its employees are handled according to district policy.

The incident “doesn’t rise to the level of a felony, but morally and ethically, it’s a school violation, which hopefully will lead to him not being able to teach again,” Buckley said.

Milsap is accused of passing a note to an eighth-grade student as she went to the bathroom. The note reportedly said, “I have a crush on you. I see the way you look at me in class. If you were older I would f*** you.”

The girl’s father, Dexter Sullivan, posted surveillance video of the Aug. 26 exchange on Facebook after receiving it from the school district on Sept. 8.

The student told him that was weird and inappropriate for him to say, according to the post.

“Afterward he proceeds to call her to his desk (off cam) showing her a grade of a 100 for an assignment that she didn’t complete thinking she wouldn’t tell me and Kinshasha Monique her parents,” Sullivan wrote. “This is not speculation, it has been already proven by the school district!! I’m just thankful that we have raised our child in a manner in which she will speak up when she is uncomfortable or feeling scared.

“She goes to school to make good grades, not be bothered by her teacher,” he said. “We want justice for our daughter.”

Cox and Buckley both had several conversations with the student’s family, explaining that there was no felony that could be pursued, under state law.

“The law is what it is, and the DA is the go-to on felonies, but misdemeanor charges can still be pursued by the family,” Cox said.

Milsap was scheduled to get married on Aug. 28, but there were unsubstantiated reports that the pastor and/or church for the wedding called it off after the allegations were reported. It’s not known if he went on to get married, but his fiancée did take to social media to de- fend him immediately after the reports came out.

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