The following local students recently graduated from Mississippi State University and received their degrees. Their specific levels of recognition and the minimum required averages for each, based on a 4.0 scale, include: summa cum laude, 3.80; magna cum laude, 3.60; and cum laude, 3.40. Local graduates are listed by home town:

• From Laurel: Anna Gale Alexander (College of Arts & Sciences, summa cum laude), Taylor Dion Bell (College of Business), Susan Lynn Blackwell (College of Arts & Sciences), Mason Alan Blakeney (Bagley College of Engineering), James Nathaniel Breland (Bagley School of Engineering, summa cum laude), Karoline Hope Butler (College of Education, summa cum laude), William Jacob Foster (Bagley College of Engineering), Philip Kaleb Hilton (Bagley College of Engineering), Laura K. Jones (College of Architecture, Art & Design), John Andrew Lowery (College of Forest Resources), Steven Craig Miller (College of Business, MBA), Brandon Louis Shelby (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences)

• From Ellisville: Kasey R. Freeman (College of Education), John Tyler Graves (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences), Lindsey Nicole Jenkins (College of Education, magna cum laude), Kimberly Lynn Reynolds (College of Arts & Sciences)

• From Soso: Blake Dempsey Beach (Bagley College of Engineering, magna cum laude), Josie Nicole Gamble (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, summa cum laude), Austin Lee Keaton (College of Architecture, Art & Design), Joseph Cole Walters (College of Forest Resources)

• From Moselle: Paige Katherine Davis (College of Agriculture & Life Sciences) 

• From Ovett: Chance Douglas Sumrall (Bagley College of Engineering)

The following local Mississippi State students earned academic honors in the last semester, President’s List (grade-point average of 3.8 or better with at least 12 hours, no grades lower than C and no incomplete grades):

• From Laurel: Anna Gale Alexander, John Thomas Badley, Amir Raquel Breland, Karoline Hope Butler, Shelby Renee Butler, La’Katherine Tiara Campbell, Nicholas Addison Chesser, Madison Brooke Duran, John Robert Ellis, Reagan Cameron Evans, Christopher Zachary Holifield, Jenna Nicole Holifield, Emily Taff Jones, Grace Danielle Jones, John Andrew Lowery, Stephen Paul Martin, Oscar Martinez, Sarah Emily Scruggs, Ryan Anthony Shoemake, Jeddiah Wilson Slover, Christy B. Sumrall

• From Ellisville: Kasey R. Freeman, Jacob Cameron Gieger, Anna Kathryn Howard, Lindsey Nicole Jenkins, Patricia J. Pounders, Mary Kathryn Smith, Cassie Sherman Winship, William Luke Youngblood

• From Soso: Blake Demsey Beach, Ivy Marie DeLoach, Josie Nicole Gamble, Mackenzie Breann Gunter, Callie Olivia Shows, Savanah Mae Shows

• From Ovett: Allie Carol Davis

Dean’s List (grade-point average of 3.5-3.79 with at least 12 hours, no grades lower than C and no incomplete grades):

• From Laurel: Benjamin James Armour, Taylor Dion Bell, Jada V. Brinner, Trey Charlton DeSantis, William Jacob Foster, Lauryn Ashley Heidelberg, Laura Kay Jones, Breanna King, Noah Mars Madison, William Cody McCormick, Chloe Marie Montesdeoca, Dwaylin Lushone Naylor, Savannah Erin Raine Pitts, Pamela H. Salgado, James David Walters, Cody Ethridge Welborn

From Ovett: Kaitlyn Christine Craig, Anna Kathleen Landrum, Chance Douglas Sumrall

From Ellisville: Anna Kathleen Brownlee

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