During World War II, an estimated 4,187 men from the state of Mississippi gave their lives; however, many of their stories are unknown. In an effort to uncover these stories, students enrolled in The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science University U.S. History course are profiling a soldier, airman, or sailor from their home county who was killed during the war and then buried or memorialized overseas. 

For the last few years, MSMS students have taken responsibility for the stories of these brave men. Using primary document research, these students create websites to honor and rekindle the memories of these heroes. 

Nathan Guy, child of Kenneth and Catherine Guy of Laurel, is honoring Sergeant Charles W. Davis, U.S. Army. Sgt. Davis was born Dec. 14, 1924 to Ruby L. and John J. Davis Jr. He enlisted in the U.S. Army on July 9, 1943 and later became a member of 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. He met his fate on Nov. 22, 1944 and his final resting place is Lorraine American Cemetery. 

MSMS requests the assistance of Sgt. Charles W. Davis’ surviving relatives and/or friends in creating a vivid portrait of their fallen hero. Do you have personal stories or photographs you would be willing to share with us? Please send any information about Sgt. Charles W. Davis to Julie Heintz at 

To learn more about this project, visit www.themsms.org/fallen-heroes

The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is a prestigious public high school specifically designed for academically gifted and talented students across the state. The Brookhaven-based school is accepting applications for the Class of 2023. To learn more, visit themsms.org/admissions


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