Oak Park principal selected tops in district

Oak Park Elementary School Principal Tito Lanier, center, was recently honored at the Laurel School District’s Celebration of Excellence as the 2017 Administrator of the Year by School Board President Miranda Beard and Superintendent Dr. Chuck Benigno.

For his outstanding leadership and dedicated service, Oak Park Elementary School Principal Tito Lanier was selected as the Laurel School District’s Administrator of the Year.

“Tito Lanier is truly one of the finest administrators I have had the privilege of working with,” said Superintendent Dr. Chuck Benigno. “Mr. Lanier has a contagious energy that permeates the entire school building and his laser-like focus on teaching and learning is exemplary. Oak Park is in great hands with his dynamic leadership and we are blessed to have him as a part of our Laurel family.”

To increase student success at Oak Park, Lanier encouraged his teachers to utilize data-driven instruction, which focuses on identifying student weaknesses and gearing classroom instruction on moving students toward greater levels of academic success. He has worked closely with his teachers to create unique learning environments where students have the opportunity to excel in all areas of the curriculum.

“What I enjoy most about education is coaching both teaching and learning and building capacity through research-based practices,” Lanier said. “I also enjoy the assurance of knowing that I am helping today’s students for tomorrow’s future.”

With more than18 years of experience in education, Lanier has continued a tradition of excellence at Oak Park Elementary School, and with the work of dedicated teachers, has seen continued academic growth in the eight years he has been in leadership at Oak Park.

“I continue to be inspired by the steady improvement at Oak Park Elementary,” Benigno said. “The school has improved an entire letter grade on the Mississippi Accountability Model and the recent Kindergarten Readiness scores and Third Grade Reading Gate scores confirm that Oak Park is truly on the move.”

Because of his selection as the Laurel School District’s Administrator of the Year, Lanier’s nomination was forwarded to the Mississippi Department of Education’s Administrator of the Year Program for consideration on the state level.

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