William Carey University announces the undergraduate President’s List and Dean’s List Scholars for the Summer 2020 Trimester. 

President’s List Scholars have a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and Dean’s List Scholars must have at least a 3.5 GPA. Honorees can’t have a failing grade in any class. 

Students earning these recognitions are listed by town:

Ellisville - President’s List: James Brandt Simpson. Dean’s List: Princess Keria Abreail Greer, Hannah Faith Morris

Laurel - President’s List: Anthony Phillip Barnes, Nancy Rachell Brashier, Catherine Grace Jackson, Wyndolyn Shea Ladner, Kira Santana Morrell, Kiersten Anglene Hickey Sullivan, Candace Tiffany Taylor. Dean’s List: Lori Brooke Fowler, Carrie LaSha Ham

Moselle - Dean’s List: Noemi Hernandez

Ovett - Dean’s List: Brendon Carl Hollimon

Soso - President’s List: India Jones, Amanda Carol Nance. Dean’s List: Sharda Shanta Shelby

Bay Springs - Dean’s List: Denise Lashelle McAdoo

Collins - President’s List: Dextrianna Dexzavia Magee, Jasmine Gewona Payton, Chariti Faidreuana Sims

Heidelberg - President’s List: Rafael Van Farrell. Dean’s List: Kimberley Guined, Jimmy Jones

Richton - President’s List: Carrie Denise Beech, Haley Scarlet Hinton, Shelby Danielle Shows. Dean’s List: Chasity Shae Jordan

Seminary - President’s List: Jessica M Butler, Abbey Caroline Johnson Walker

Stringer - President’s List: Madyson May Williams

Taylorsville - President’s List: T’mara Hall, Tifany Renee Keys

Vossburg - Dean’s List: Trimeca Trishann Worley

Waynesboro - President’s List: Kayla Michelle Gordon Ferguson, Amanda Beth Mowinski


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