A Petal woman is in jail facing charges for going on social media and posting racist messages she alleges were sent by her father, including his phone number and address.

Kaileigh Schmidt, 21, was booked in the Jones County Adult Detention Center just before noon Wednesday, charged with posting electronic messages for the purpose of causing injury. That charge is a felony, but it was later learned that the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled on April 14 that charge is unconstitutional. So Schmidt’s charges were amended to two misdemeanors for simple assault by threat, said Investigator Reuben Bishop of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department.

Schmidt sent the messages to Antifa’s and Black Lives Matter’s social media sites, along with the address, phone numbers and photos of family members, Bishop said.

“The family has gotten over 1,000 threats from all over the U.S.,” Bishop said.

Because of that, the JCSD has been doing extra patrols around their home in the Johnson Community. But since the first posts, more than 1,000 other threats were sent to people who posted in response to Schmidt’s actions.

“Members of different churches, preachers, people of all different races have been trying to bring peace, but now they’re getting death threats, too,” Bishop said. “It got out of hand real quick.”

Threats to kill family members and burn down their house have been coming from all over, and there were specific threats to Schmidt’s younger siblings, including one saying they would rape her and make the family watch.

The fallout started after Schmidt’s parents took her car away from her, Bishop said.

Schmidt took to social media and shared a text message her father sent saying that her mother was crying because Schmidt was “partying with n - - - - - s. If you want us to keep helping I can’t see that s - - t no more. I’m blown away n - - - - - s”

Schmidt responded by texting “Dont call them that. It doesn’t matter of they are black or white they are all down to earth people and I’ve been friends with them ever since I’ve been in Hattiesburg. They were there for me when yal weren’t.”

Schmidt then responded to comments her father texted her about the police in Minneapolis, writing that the officer “was NOT doing his job. What he did was MURDER.” She went on to write that her father was “f - - - ed in the head” if he thought the officer did the right thing. She went on to write that she was “taking a stand with my fellow black community” and that she was OK with it if her parents did not speak to her or if they blocked her.

“Yal may be blood but they are family to me,” Schmidt wrote of her black friends. “And I’m fine with getting my own insurance …

“And if you keep being ugly and spreading racist s - - t I’ll blast yal on Facebook insta etc and let the world give yal a taste of how it feels … If yal are Christians like yal claim yal will love everyone equally but yal dont yal are hypocrites.”

The argument continues with her writing, “I know all lives matter the difference is that we as white people where (sic) NEVER oppressed.”

Her father responded, “And not a single person alive has been oppressed that was wayyyyyyy before all of our time u goofball.”

Schmidt — who was Most Beautiful at Jones County Junior College in 2017, according to her Facebook profile — has since gone back to Facebook to post that that what her parents did was “very wrong,” but she does not “condone violance towards them either. Family or not violence doesnt help anything. Change doesnt happen with violence. So please anyone that’s making threats towards them need to stop. We cant fight and win with violence.”

Law enforcement officers were having to watch her parents’ house because of the threats and other family members were also being threatened, she wrote.

She also posted a message about starting a “cashapp” or GoFundMe ‘like yal are wanting, as much as I need a new car and everything and as much help as I need I’d hate to take money from anyone, definitely people I dont even know but are being kind out of your own hearts! … Thank you all so much for showing me your love and support!”

Schmidt is scheduled to make her initial appearance in Jones County Justice Court on Friday. 

Meanwhile, the investigation is continuing, Bishop said, with each party’s phones being checked.

“I hope maybe this shows people to think about what they post,” Bishop said. “This turned into a big mess real quick.”

Bishop noted that Schmidt can be held culpable for any violence that occurs to her family members or any of the people who defended them.

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