JCSD major responds to scene in armored vehicle after man threatens to shoot

A man who is accused of threatening to shoot Jones County Sheriff’s Department investigators was taken to jail — after a quick trip to the emergency room — on Monday.

Zachary Reed, 36, of Laurel was being investigated for a burglary, according to the department’s Facebook page, when the JCSD officials arrived at his mobile home at 272 Poole Creek Road just before noon. 

An unidentified woman opened the door, then immediately locked it, saying she would come back out, but Reed was not there, according to the Facebook post. But she didn’t come back out, so when investigators knocked on the door again, a man was heard saying, “Get off the porch … I’m about to shoot through the door,” then began counting down, the post continued.

Investigators backed off of the porch because of the threat of weapons and began talking to the residents again. They convinced Reed to come outside and got the woman to sign a consent form to search the residence. Nothing from the burglaries was found, but investigators did find a firearm in the residence, which is illegal since Reed is a convicted felon with an “extensive arrest record,” according to the JCSD.

When the woman heard investigators say that Reed would be taken into custody, she yelled, “Run, they are going to take you to jail,” according to the post. Reed reportedly tried to flee on foot but was quickly taken into custody.

Reed was charged with possession of a weapon by a felon and simple assault on a police officer. He was scheduled to make his initial appearance in Jones County Justice Court on Wednesday afternoon.

While Reed was cuffed in the back of the squad car, it began rocking and there were noises that sounded like feet or a head slamming into it. Shortly after that, he started yelling, “I’m bleeding!”

Lance Chancellor of the JCSD, who is also a firefighter and first-responder for the Powers Volunteer Fire Department, tended to the prisoner in the back of the car. The woman was then allowed to talk to Reed for a few minutes, then he was transported to the ER at South Central Regional Medical Center for treatment before being booked into the Jones County Adult Detention Center. In his mugshot, it appears that he has a cut above his left eye.

The JCSD Facebook post didn’t include the information that Reed was taken to the hospital first or have an explanation about what happened to his forehead. There was no explanation for why the woman wasn’t arrested.

Maj. Jamie Tedford responded to the scene in one of the department’s armored vehicles along with at least four investigators. Capt. Jason Buxton, who was also on the scene, told a reporter that Tedford was there and would be with him shortly. Tedford left in the armored vehicle without talking to the reporter. The JCSD has not responded to any requests from the Leader-Call since September.

Sheriff Alex Hodge’s Public Information Officer Allyson Knotts, who makes $37,000 per year, removed the Leader-Call from her group text contacts — which is used to notify local media about JCSD news and events — last fall.

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