Ellisville park

The Park Committee was at a recent groundbreaking ceremony for a new city park in Ellisville. They are, from left, Sherra Browning, Charma Cook, Richard Wilson, Aaron Heidelberg, Mayor Lynn Buckhaults, Ola Mitchell and Patricia Waldrup. Anyone who wishes to contribute to the effort may do so. (Photo submitted)

A new Ellisville City Park will be under construction soon for the children of Ellisville and surrounding areas. 

The park will be built beside the George V. Harrison Multi-Purpose Building and the library. The Ellisville Park and Playground Committee has received assistance from a professional playground company to provide guidance and direction.

The plan is to build a playground for very young children (ages 2-4), older children (ages 5-12) and provide playground equipment for children with disabilities.  Planners also hope to build a track so parents can walk while children play.

The project will also include benches, picnic tables, a pavilion and a splash pad. The objective is to encourage children and adults to have a healthier lifestyle with exercise on the playground equipment while providing other learning opportunities with the close proximity to the library, officials said.

 The anticipated cost is between $150,000 and $200,000. Planners hope to have Phase 1 finished within a year, but that depends on how  how fast the money is raised. The park is being funded through donations only. 

Each individual or company that makes a donation will have a plaque with their name on it with a dedication line.

Anyone who wants to contribute can come to City Hall.

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