Moselle school

Workers were at the scene to repair damage at Moselle Elementary immediately after a storm blew down an awning over a walkway. (Photo by Mark Thornton)


Wind blows down awning, injures 2 at Moselle school


Two adults suffered what were described as “minor injuries” by a storm that blew down an awning over a walkway at Moselle Elementary on Monday afternoon.

One teacher and one teacher’s assistant had been helping load students on the buses when the storm “came up real sudden,” said Tommy Parker, superintendent of Jones County Schools. One of the teachers “took off running” and hit her arm on a pole and the other was slammed into the side of the building by the wind.

“The wind was so strong, it blew her into the side of a building and caused bruises and abrasions on one side of her body,” Parker said.

The awning didn’t fall on anyone, but it did make a mess and some ceiling tiles inside were blown out. School district maintenance workers were on the scene in minutes and went to work in the rain.

“I commend them for doing a good job,” Parker said. “They cleaned everything up and made sure everything was safe so students could come back (the next day) and we could still have school.”

The damage at the school was caused from straight-line winds — the “initial downburst” from a newly developed storm, said Paul Sheffield, executive director of the Jones County Emergency Operations Center. Radar showed rotation was in the Soso area around RL Musgrove Road, he added.

Severe weather led to numerous calls for service for the county's volunteer fire departments. Almost every VFD in Jones County responded to at least one of numerous calls for power lines and trees down and other traffic hazards that were caused by the severe weather.  

M&M and Sandersville fire departments were called to a fire in the wooded area near 95 Warsaw Camp Loop Road, just as the thunderstorms were moving into the area.  

Near the intersection of Arthur Tucker and Branch Roads, Ovett volunteers responded to a fire that destroyed an abandoned single-story wood house.  

Hebron volunteers responded to Summerland Road, near Carter Dees Road, for two vehicle collisions caused by a downed tree in the roadway. Both of those vehicles sustained major damage but no injuries were reported.  

Shady Grove and Sharon volunteer firefighters responded to the report of a collision in which a car crashed into a tree at 70 Trace Road in Laurel. No injuries were reported.  

Two different collisions on I-59 (near mile marker 81) and one collision on Moselle-Seminary Road kept Moselle, Southwest and South Jones volunteer departments busy, as well. Both incidents on I-59 were caused by vehicles hydroplaning. No injuries were reported in those three wrecks.

Parker said that the school district will be getting estimates on repairs and get the work done as soon as possible.

— PIO Dana Bumgardner/Jones County Fire Council contributed


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