The Jones County Sheriff's Department conducted overtime DUI and seatbelt enforcement details during the work period of July 4-31, utilizing 15 saturation patrols and one safety checkpoint. 

"We continue to work to improve the safety of our Jones County residents traveling our roadways and enforce the traffic safety laws of the State of Mississippi," Sheriff Joe Berlin said. “We have a particular focus on these grant-funded details, which are impaired driving and occupant protection. We make every effort to take drunk or drugged drivers off the roadways and enforce seat belt and child safety restraint laws. It still amazes us at some of the citation totals we generate in terms of violators of highway safety laws.

“There is an easy way to avoid getting a traffic violation citation or be arrested for impaired driving by a JCSD deputy - just do right and stay in compliance with state laws and then we won't have a reason to stop you and write you a citation.”

Operating under two overtime grants awarded by the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety, JCSD deputies made arrests and issued the following citations/arrests:

DUI (alcohol) arrests: 5

DUI (drugs) arrests: 8

DUI-assist to other: 5

Seat belt citations: 59

Child restraint 

citations: 20

Other traffic offenses during the grant-funded saturation patrols and safety checkpoint included:

No insurance: 97

No driver’s license: 44

Suspended license: 37


driving: 12

Written warnings: 11

Drug arrests: 6

Felony arrests: 2

Fugitives apprehended: 2

(Note: These grant-funded arrests and citations do not include normal, daily JCSD Patrol Division traffic safety arrests and citations made as a result of patrol activities.)


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