JCSD tasing

Deputy Jason Mills, left, and Chief Deputy Mitch Sumrall support Deputy Reagan Smith as she falls to ground after being tased. 

(Photo by Caleb Phillips)


The Taser7 is a new non-lethal weapon choice that the Jones County Sheriff's department has obtained for testing.  

Sgt. Jake Driskell, who operated the taser for the demonstration, highlighted several improvements made by the Taser7. He said that the goal of a taser was to achieve neuromuscular incapacitation, or NMI. 

"In order for a Jones County Sheriff's Department deputy to carry a taser, they must have a voluntary exposure to the taser to understand what it feels like. The demo's deputies volunteered for the exposure because Driskell wanted volunteers for the new taser model," Sheriff Joe Berlin said.

"(With) the old taser, we had to be about seven to eight feet away to get enough spread to do that, and then it only delivered 19 pulses a second. (With) this one, we can be within three feet, and it delivers 22 pulses a second." 

The Taser7 also includes a second laser for more accuracy, whereas the older tasers only have one. 

Driskell said that, for now, they will continue to use their old tasers, but he agreed with Berlin that they will absolutely utilize these tools in the future. 

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