A Laurel mother of two young children has been identified as the woman whose body was found on the side of a Forrest County roadway, but her family is still searching for answers.

Katyln Carter, 24, was found near the 5300 block of Highway 42 on June 10. There were no signs of foul play in her death, according to the Forrest County Deputy Coroner Lisa Klem and the preliminary autopsy. Carter was a mother to Aubrey Quinn, 5, and Ember McGee, 5 months.

There are people wanting to know what happened to Katlyn, and her brother Jeremy Carter still doesn’t know, he wrote in a Facebook post.

“I wish I did,” wrote Jeremy Carter. “There are many questions left unanswered. Everybody that was close to our family knows what we know. If you were not close to us, I’d rather not explain. Just know that Katlyn is in a much better place than we are now, and all of her family and friends loved her and will miss her dearly.”

His sister was a little more than a year younger than him.

“I’ve known her ever since I could remember,” he wrote. “She used to be my little sidekick growing up. We kinda grew apart over the last few years, but she always had my back over anything.”

She was a big part of his life, and he will always cherish the memories and good times they had together, he wrote.

“I still can’t believe you’re gone ... I don’t know if people in heaven can read Facebook posts, but if there is that small chance that they can, I would want her to know that I love her and will always miss her so much,” Jeremy Carter wrote.

Records show that she was arrested by local law enforcement agencies at least 10 times in the last four years or so, mostly for misdemeanors ranging from public drunkenness to disturbance of family.

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