10.14.21 wreck Ellisville-Tucker's Crossing

Clint Herrington survived an accident in which he was ejected from a mobile home transporter that had flipped several times before coming to rest on Ellisville-Tucker's Crossing Road Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021.

20-year-old would have been in passenger seat of crushed rig if he chose to ride with uncle

The day that Vincent Herrington, 20, decided not to ride with his uncle Clint Herrington to work may have saved his life. 

Around 10:40 a.m. Tuesday, while driving back from a job in a mobile-home transporter, Clint Herrington’s vehicle went off the road and flipped several times, crushing the front of the truck to the seat and ejecting him into a cow pasture off Ellisville-Tucker’s Crossing Road, close to Wade Services Trucking company. The one-vehicle crash had severely injured Herrington, but no other cars or injuries were reported. 

Both Vincent and his father Archie Herrington work with Clint, and they were just five miles down the road at a job when someone drove up to inform them that a mobile-home transporter had wrecked nearby. The father and son left the job site to help their relative, who had been seriously injured in the crash. 

“Had my son been riding with him, he would have been killed,” Archie Herrington said.”(Clint) was alert and able to talk, but he had some bad injuries.” 

Clint Herrington had possibly broken his leg, suffered a collarbone injury and hip injury from the crash. 

Nearby, Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy Regan Smith was on Currie Road near Ellisville-Tucker’s Crossing Road when she saw the aftermath of the wreck moments after it happened. Smith assessed Clint Herrington and called for EMServ Ambulance while she kept him calm. 

“The vehicle had flipped several times before coming to rest, and when Deputy Smith got there, the truck was still running and smoking to the point where it almost caught on fire,” said Lance Chancellor with Jones County Sheriff’s Department. “But several people stopped to help and were able to turn the vehicle off.” 

Glade Volunteer Fire Department extinguished the smoke and assisted at the scene along with Powers, M&M, JCSD and EMServ. 

Joanne Welborn, who owned the property where Clint Herrington’s truck crashed, said that this was the second time in a few months that an accident like this had occurred. 

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