An investigator with the Jones County Sheriff’s Department shot and killed a dog that “lunged toward him” during a routine check of sex offenders last Monday in the Calhoun Community, according to a press release from JCSD spokeswoman Allyson Knotts.

The investigator was checking the validity of addressed of registered sex offenders in Jones County at 584 Hines Road when the incident occurred. He knocked on the door several times and didn’t get an answer, according to the press release, and left a note on the door for the sex offender to call him.

While the investigator was there, three puppies came up to him and he allowed them to sniff his hand, then started making his way back to his vehicle. That’s when an older dog came toward him, and when he stuck his hand out, the dog began barking and growling, according to the press release.

“The investigator slowly made his way to the vehicle when the dog started jumping back and forth, then lunged toward him,” Knotts wrote. “The investigator instinctively reached for his weapon, fired once and struck the dog, killing it.”

After the shot was fired, six people came out of the residence and confronted the investigator, and more deputies responded.

The owner of the of dog, who wasn’t identified, reportedly said, “He didn’t have to kill my dog, he could have shot him in the leg.”

Another resident reportedly said, “People know not to come to our house because they know how our dogs are.” There were no “Beware of Dog” signs posted at the home, according to the press release.

Sheriff’s Office records show at least one dog-biting incident at that address on April 21, 2017. It is unclear if it involved the same dog.

The sex offender, who was not one of the people to come out of the house after the dog was shot, at that address is 28-year-old Joseph McMillian, who was convicted of statu- tory rape in Jones County in September 2010. He was not identified in the press release.

Knotts also did not identify the investigator who pulled the trigger. Sgt. J.D. Carter is known to be in charge of checking up on sex offenders.

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