The following applied for marriage licenses in Jones County Circuit Court

• Robin Lee Torske, 63 and Barbara Key Woodward, 68

• Jonathan Todd Norman, 26 and Samantha Denise Stevens, 28

• Cheyenne Lee Cromwell, 22 and Ashley Nicole Warner, 28

• Forrest Mitchell Beverly, 30 and Katie Rebekah Smith, 28

• Christopher M. Bohlin, 31 and Lauren C. Weddington, 27

• Ricky Otto Ulland Sr., 61 and Belinda Ranee Conley, 45

• Lymon Gerome Powe, 36 and Patrice Shantell Mercer, 29

• Anthony Fischer Crowell, 23 and Joanna Danielle Wearing, 29

• Tom Ladell Bankston, 49 and Rebecca Ann Bryant, 38

• John Quincy McLemore Jr., 26 and Jasmine Markedra Stewart, 26

The following filed for divorce in Jones County Chancery Court

• Amanda West vs. Albert West

• Christopher Rhodes vs. Dusty Rhodes

• Tanya Lampley vs. Eric Lampley

• Derrick Arrington vs. Sharon Arrington

• Jennifer Bell vs. Frank Bell

• Kailey Easterling vs. James Easterling

• Leslie Martin vs. Seth Martin

• Amber Ishee vs. William Ishee

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