The following applied for marriage licenses in Jones County Circuit Court

• Butler Carson Brown, 61 and Bridget Ann Cavanaugh, 57

• Morgan Lee Thompson, 41 and Courtney Lynn Necaise, 28

• Nestor Abdiel Castro Guzman, 26 and Samantha Nicole Lee, 21

• Jacob Clay Ferguson, 18 and Aurora Danielle Loper, 18

• Melvin Jeovani Lara, 27 and Stephanie Duarte, 23

• Adan Goxcon Dominguez, 44 and Delores Organista Zapol, 28

• Anthony Charles Ekes, 26 and Karleen Danielle Randol, 28

• Dustion Ray Allen, 20 and Kori Alyssa Stringer, 20

• Ezequiel Antonio Ginez, 31 and Maria Guadalupe Salazar Herndandez, 30

• Richard Kevin Ivey, 56 and Kerri Sullivan Drennan, 43

The following filed for divorce in Jones County Chancery Court

• Dorothy Easterling vs. Gregory Easterling

• Malinda K. Wikland vs. James Wikland

• Kenneth Ketchersid vs. Sasha Ketchersid

• Christopher Buckley vs. Amber Herring

• Michael A. Clark vs. Felicia M. Clark

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