McDaniel assails Wicker’s record at rally at JCJC

Remember Mississippi PAC treasurer Tommy Barnett, right, gives a drain the swamp T-shirt to state Sen. Chris McDaniel at a rally Saturday. (Photo by Michelle Murphy)

‘If you want to keep the status quo, then Roger Wicker is your guy’

Roger Wicker

Senate candidate Chris McDaniel fired up a crowd of about 350 people at Jones County Junior College Saturday night hammering away at incumbent Roger Wicker’s voting record and pleading with those gathered to elect the true conservative to the U.S. Senate.

McDaniel is challenging the one-term incumbent Wicker, who was appointed to the post in 2007 and won re-election in 2012.

“If you want to keep the status quo, then Roger Wicker is your guy,” McDaniel told the crowd at a fish fry sponsored by the Remember Mississippi political action committee. “If you want to drain the swamp, I’m your guy.”

McDaniel intimated that Wicker is little more than a yes man for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who only finds his “conservatism” during an election years. McDaniel pointed to a Conservative Review scoreboard that judges each Senate members conservative record and lambasted Wicker for grading a 30 — one of the lowest scores among Republicans.

“I am not going to go to Washington to be a lapdog,” McDaniel said. “I’m going to be a Bulldog for Mississippi.“

McDaniel also reaffirmed his commitment to leading the push for Senate and House term limits, saying, “if it’s good enough for the president, it’s good enough for the Senate.”

He said his first order of business, if elected, would be to initiate a term-limits bill. He noted Wicker’s voting  — he was in the House of Representatives at the time — for the 1995 Contract with America — sponsored by Newt Gingrich — that contained a term-limit clause. But, when it came up for a vote, Wicker voted against it.

The Republican and Democrat primaries are scheduled for June 5, with runoffs on the 26th.

Mississippi’s other senator, Thad Cochran, announced that he will be retiring on April 1. Gov. Phil Bryant will have 10 days after that to appoint Cochran’s successor until the November general election when the seat would be up for grabs.

McDaniel could always drop from this race to enter the race for Cochran’s seat, but appears focused on Wicker’s seat. The conservative firebrand McDaniel of Ellisville lost the 2014 senate election to Cochran, coming within percentage points of winning outright the Republican primary that year.

Wicker has gained the endorsement of President Donald Trump, who supported McDaniel in 2014 against Cochran, and 60 Mississippi county Trump campaign chairmen.

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