Suspect out of jail on $20,000 bond


When her 9-year-old daughter started saying, “He touched me here” and then pointed to the front of her waist, a Laurel mother had instant flashbacks.

Three times — when she was 8, 10 and 12 years old — she had been the victim of sexual abuse.

She knew the signs. And she lost it.

“No one was there to help me. No one was there to fight for me. I’m not going to let that happen to my daughter,” said the woman, who will remain unidentified following the arrest of her mother’s boyfriend, Danny Henry, 48, on molestation charges.

But before he could be handcuffed by law enforcement, the young girl’s mother dished out a bit of “parental justice.”

The young girl’s mother said it began Saturday morning when she and her daughter were staying at her mother’s house. As she prepared to leave the house, her daughter pointed to her waist area and repeated how Henry had touched her down there.

“I went in and woke up my mother and told her what happened,” she said.

Henry came into the living room and stood face to face with the daughter as she repeated the claims. “He kept saying he didn’t do anything,” the girl’s mother said. “But I knew.”

She started punching Henry and pushing him out of the house on West 11th Street. Each time he tried to get back in, she hit harder using the rage of her own experiences as her fuel. She found a brick and threw it at him, but missing him.

When the young girl’s uncle woke up and heard what the daughter said Henry did to her, he, “put him to sleep,” said the woman, who added that police showed up a short time later to take Henry to jail. His jail mugshot shows his right eye swollen and bruised and his lip darkened.

He faces one count of child molestation and is in the Jones County Adult Detention Center on $20,000 bond. Henry is a convicted sex offender who gave his last-known address as Bay Springs.

He was convicted in May 2004 on charges of touching child or vulnerable person for lustful purposes.

The young girl’s mother spoke to the LL-C about her experience with Henry and her childhood. More than 15 years have passed since the last time she was assaulted, but the memories are fresh and she said she still sees the men who violated her on the streets of Laurel.

Neither she nor her brother are expected to face criminal charges, but she gave a stern warning for Henry if, and when, he is released from prison.

“He better not come anywhere near us,” she said. “I don’t want my daughter to have to go through what I have.”

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