Miss Clem

After 16 years with the Laurel Housing Authority, Clementine “Ms. Clem” Buchanan is retiring. (Photo by Eloria James)


After 16 years with the Laurel Housing Authority, Clementine “Ms. Clem” Buchanan is retiring.

When Buchanan started with the Housing Authority, she was the center coordinator’s assistant. She then was promoted to Property Manager II at the Beacon Homes Site. She was later promoted to the position of Property Manager I.

Buchanan remained the property manager at the Beacon Street site until October 2018, when she was re-assigned to the Arco Lane Homes Site.

Buchanan said she enjoyed her time at the Housing Authority, which allowed her to be able to help others.

“I liked the people, my supervisor and being able to care about others,” she said. “I like giving to people and having the various resources here at the Housing Authority.”

Buchanan, a member of Calvary Baptist Church, said she “loves my church and pastor.” Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.”

Buchanan is the mother of four children: Victoria Buchanan, Dr. Shantwana Buchanan MD, Hope Buchanan and Christopher Hill.

Buchanan said deciding to change her employment status “was a hard decision.”

Buchanan officially retired on Feb. 15.

Now, Buchanan says she is learning to “readjust” and continue living and giving to people.

The Laurel Housing Authority’s mission is to provide and create affordable housing opportunities that promote and provide safe housing, self-sufficiency and viable productive communities for individuals and families within Laurel and Jones County.


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