Park Place officers

The Park Place Garden Club of Laurel installed new officers. From left, secretary Patricia Keys, Second Vice President Kathy Nunnally, treasurer Becky Brewer, First Vice President Susie Burroughs and President June Wheeler.

The Park Place Garden Club welcomed new members and installed 2021-23 officers at the May meeting at the Laurel Country Club. 

President Mary Anne Sumrall conducted her final meeting as 2019-21 Park Place president, and June Wheeler was elected as president-elect. Officer installations were administered by special guests Melinda Causey, GCM first VP; May Hall, Southern Pines district director; and Paula Grayson, GCM board of directors and state historian. 

Wheeler and the newly elected officers were presented with wooden birdhouse ornaments, hand-painted with specific trees from the newly restored arboretum. A description was given for each tree that corresponded to the duties of the office of the recipient — the president was presented with an oak tree ornament to symbolize strength and endurance.  

Gay Austin, National Garden Club president, was an honored guest who addressed Park Place with kind words of club accomplishments and encouragement for future endeavors. Each special guest received a thank you gift of a red garden orb stake. New members were introduced and welcomed to Park Place Garden Club. 

An honorary Park Place membership was presented to Meacham Harlow, the Mississippi Forestry Commission Urban and Community Forestry Partnership Coordinator, for her guidance and expertise during the arboretum renovation. 

On behalf of Park Place Garden Club June Wheeler presented outgoing president

Sumrall with a Peters Pottery Bowl. Wheeler thanked Sumrall for her outstanding tenure as president.

“Mary Anne, you kept us going with safe projects and outdoor meetings while Covid was trying to dim our spirit and shut us down,” Wheeler said.

Sumrall thanked her and handed Wheeler the presidential gavel, saying “it is now your first official duty to adjourn the meeting, Madame President.”

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