LPD promos

LPD officers, from left, Ted Ducksworth, Vince Williams, Jake Driskell, Adam Mills, Michael Reaves, Harrison Tew, Skyler Prunera, Shannon Caraway Pinilla and Earl Reed during a promotion and swearing-in ceremony at Laurel City Hall.

The Laurel Police Department promoted six officers — including “Seven.”

Lts. Earl Reed and Shannon Caraway Pinilla were pinned as captains, Sgts. Michael Reaves and Vince “Seven” Williams got lieutenant badges and Cpls. Ted Ducksworth and Jake Driskell moved up in the ranks to sergeant.

All were given the oath of office by Mayor Johnny Magee in an upbeat, standing-room-only ceremony at Laurel City Hall on Monday.

The promotions were announced by newly sworn-in Chief Tommy Cox.

Reed, a longtime investigator who has 25 years of service, is taking command of the Criminal Investigations Division and the Narcotics and Juvenile divisions. He also received plaques for his years of service from two churches — Sweethope Baptist in Laurel and White Star Baptist in Belzoni, which is his parents’ church. His pay is getting bumped from $45,930.56 to $54,360.80.

Pinilla, with 23 years on the job, will command the department’s Technical Services and will be over the newly formed Community Outreach position. She got a raise from $49,375.35 to $54,360.80.

Reaves, who has 23 years of service, will remain as a supervisor in CID, with a raise from $42,741.92 to $48,223.81.

Williams, with 20 years on the job, and Ducksworth, with 15 years, will shift from the Narcotics Division to become supervisors on patrol shifts. Williams is getting a raise from $42,741.92 to $48,223.81 and Ducksworth’s salary is increasing from $39,536.95 to $44,749.07.

Driskell, who has 13 years in law enforcement, will supervise the Narcotics Division. His pay is going from $38,575.47 to $40,622.40.

Three officers were sworn in by Magee. Jason Mills returned to the LPD, and recent police academy graduates Harrison Tew and Skyler Prunera also joined the department. Out of 70 officers in his state academy graduating class, Prunera was No. 1 in the physical fitness test, Cox said. Those officers will be paid a salary of $37,658.71.

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