Parker accused molester

Accused child molester Roy Parker goes to court under the watchful eye of Investigator Jason Myers of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department. (File photo by Mark Thornton)

Man who raised warning flags from teachers at elementary school faces a second creepy felony charge

An accused sex offender who has been “creeping out” teachers at Mason Elementary is back behind bars after getting charged with having sexual relations with another young girl.

Roy Parker, 67, whose wife was running a home-based daycare on Old Bay Springs Road, was charged with two counts of touching a child for lustful purposes last December. He was out of jail on $50,000 bond and is now charged with sexual battery. His accuser is believed to be a 5-year-old girl who is a family member, sources with knowledge of the case said.

Parker made his initial appearance on the latest charge in front of Jones County Justice Court Judge David Lyons on Wednesday afternoon. 

“I want my lawyer present please,” Parker said before the proceedings could get started.

Because of that, Parker won’t be allowed to post bond until a representative from the District Attorney’s Office can appear in court with Parker’s attorney, Michael Mitchell.

“He has that right,” Lyons said. “Notify the DA to have a representative down here as quick as possible. Tell him they can come whenever.”

Hearing that Parker will have to stay in the Jones County Adult Detention Center with no bond will be a relief to at least two teachers who have called the Leader-Call in recent days about the status of his case.

Assistant District Attorney Kristen Martin said that Parker’s attorney had requested a psychiatric evaluation for his client, so that had postponed the process.

People who are charged as sex offenders are often allowed to bond out with a warning to not have “any contact with children,” but that isn’t clearly defined. If a suspect is convicted of a sex crime, there are rules that regulate the distance they can live from a school, daycare or park.

“He just sits and stares at the kids, and he’s always there,” said one of the Mason Elementary teachers, who asked to not be identified. 

Another teacher from there said, “I’m confused because he admitted to molesting at the daycare. He should be going to prison.”

At the time of Parker’s first arrest, Maj. Jamie Tedford of the Jones County Sheriff’s Department said that the parents of a girl who was staying at the daycare came to the JCSD to file a complaint against Parker. After the arrest, another accuser came forward, he said.

Tedford said that more complaints could be forthcoming since the Parkers had been keeping children in their home for more than a decade. 

The parents told investigators about conversations their daughter had with them about a disturbing “string of incidents happening at the home of Parker” while she was under the care of him and his wife Sherry.

At the time of his first arrest, when Parker was asked if he did what he was accused of, he said, “No.”  After his latest arrest, he just stared at a reporter who questioned him.

“These cases are always disturbing, but it’s even more disturbing when you have multiple children inside an operation where the kids were supposed to be taken care of,” Tedford said at the time of Parker’s first arrest.

It’s not known when his initial appearance will be scheduled for.

If convicted of molestation, Parker could face up to 30 years in prison for both counts. Sexual battery means that there was penetration of some sort, and it carries a maximum penalty of sexual battery.

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Sidney Parker has always creeped me out. I grew up across the street from them in the 2700 block. I have never heard one word come out his mouth in 48 years. I can’t tell you why he gave me that vibe because I have had no interaction with him. His mother, Ms. Amy Parker, was a kind lady. Very sweet. What I want to know is WHY, in the name of all that is Holy, would ANY PARENT allow their child to continue any contact with that place and the people therein? His wife HAS/HAD to know something of what was going on. There is no way I believe that she was completely ignorant of Sidney’s actions and behavior. I hate the children have endured this abuse and will continue to live with it the remainder of their lives. It’s traumatizing to say the least. Now that Sidney has been arrested [this time], I pray that the judicial system exacts a sentence that will keep him from ever having any contact with a child ever again. It’s sad and quite disturbing that he was not forced to move out of the school zone and that he actually gained access to another child(ren). To the family member that allowed their child to be in Sidney's vicinity, you’re an idiot!! How could you subject your child to that?! He probably messed with you when you were a kid too!!!

Protect your kids. YOU are all they have.

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