Ellisville wreck

A trail of fluid from the crashed vehicles could be seen leading to the vehicle that pulled out of a nearby dirt driveway. DeLoach’s car could be seen farther back, where it came to rest after flipping several times due to the head-on collision. (Photo by Jack Hammett)


Savannah DeLoach, a mother of three, was driving from one job to another when she collided head-on with another vehicle on Indian Springs Church Road in Ellisville on Tuesday. She now has a fractured spine and lacerations on her hand and arm — but she’s “grateful and blessed to be alive.”

The driver of a Chevrolet SUV exited a dirt driveway and into DeLoach’s lane, DeLoach and first responders said. Both drivers tried to veer, but it was too late. DeLoach’s Nissan flipped three times, and both vehicles were heavily damaged. The Jones County Sheriff’s Department and the Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department responded at about 1 p.m., and EMServ carried DeLoach to a nearby hospital.

“I have a little girl, a 12-year-old and an almost-11-year-old,” DeLoach said. “I’m a single mom working multiple jobs. Because of my spine, I’ll need a lot of help around the house, and it’ll be a long road to recovery.”

DeLoach was wearing a seat belt when the crash occurred. When her car came to rest, she had to crawl out on her hands, as the car was “making a noise” and she feared it would ignite.

“I closed my eyes when I knew we were going to collide, and I started praying to God to spare my life,” she said tearfully. “Because I have three kids. There was nothing I could do.”

She remembered her mind slowing down as the collision happened. She can remember the contents of her car scattering as she flipped, including a gun that was set in the middle console.

“It could be a lot worse,” she said. “The doctor told me I couldn’t pick up a pot, a pan, and to not bend over. It’s even hard to wash my hair. I couldn’t even open a bottle of water. The spine is a main part of your body and affects the rest of your bones and movement. I hope I can recover and get back to work eventually. I don’t even know if it’s minor or severe right now.”

No other injuries were reported. Traffic was blocked for a while before tow trucks could remove the vehicles.

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