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Ellisville Mayor Lynn Buckhaults, center, discusses plans for a tenant in the old fire station apartment to install two air-conditioning units in exchange for his rent to be lowered. (Photo by Jack Hammett)


City employees added to emergency departments

New city workers, fired city workers and talks on the fire station-turned-apartment — all in a day’s work at the Ellisville Board of Alderman meeting Tuesday.

Officer Jordan Read was hired out of the Hattiesburg Police Department as an Ellisville police officer after being at the former department for six months — so he’ll be treated as if he’s fresh out of the academy, Ellisville Police Chief Bruce Russell said. The officer grew up in Ellisville.

Ellisville Fire Chief Jake Williams recommended the removal of three part-time firefighters who haven’t worked this year, an action that was unanimously approved. He also recommended the addition of three replacements, with approval hinging on their paperwork being submitted and approved. If all goes well, Dalton Murphy, Caleb Alexander and Forrest Cawley will join the Ellisville Fire Department as part-time responders. Additionally, firefighter Andrew Jordan was promoted to battalion chief, and Dean Pierce and Joshua Robertson were promoted to lieutenant.

In other business, a new tenant currently moving into the old fire station’s converted apartment will install two air-conditioners — an expense of $2,200 — so the board unanimously agreed to knock $200 off his rent for the next 11 months. Those air conditioners, plus the other appliances the new tenant installed, will stay in the apartment after he moves out. The tenant is a teacher at South Jones High School.

The rent price on the lease agreement is $900, which will be cut down to $700 for the new tenant, said Mayor Lynn Buckhaults.

“We started leasing it out about a year ago, and that person is moved out of there,” he said. “That includes the upstairs and one bay of the downstairs area — we’re retaining half of the downstairs for our use.”

A lot of people have shown interest in renting the apartment because of the sheer novelty of living in a former fire station, which is attached to Ellisville City Hall.

“It was sitting there, and a lot of people wanted to buy it,” Buckhaults said. “But we can’t sell that. So we’re leasing it.”

Furthermore, the board accepted a low bid to cut three oak trees on South Court Street and Magnolia Street at $1,200.



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