Newly elected supervisor explains criminal charges against son, wife

The son and wife of a newly elected Jones County supervisor are facing burglary-related charges after the younger man went into his former girlfriend’s home and took a ring without her permission.

Gage Dickerson, 22, was charged with burglary of a dwelling and Marsha Dickerson, 52, was charged with accessory after the fact on Tuesday. He is being held in the Jones County Adult Detention Center on $5,000 bond and she was released on a signature bond, said Phil Dickerson, who is the young man’s father and the woman’s husband. He was elected Beat 3 Supervisor earlier this month, unseating longtime incumbent Barry Saul, and he will take office in January.

“We are family strong and will deal with this,” the elder Dickerson said. “There will be no special treatment for my family. The matter will go through the proper process as any others.”

Gage Dickerson went to the home of his girlfriend on Morning Dew Road to take back a ring he’d given her, his father said. When he went to a local pawn shop to get money for the ring, he didn’t have his driver’s license, so he got his mother to use her license for the paperwork. That’s how she became an accessory in the case, Phil Dickerson explained.

“I raised my children to be honest, hardworking and truthful, and I do not condone my son’s reckless behavior,” he said. “I raised him better than this. It’s just a bad situation.”

The elder Dickerson said his son is a first-time offender, which is why he received a low bond, but he isn’t in a hurry to get him out. He has been behind bars for four days, according to jail records.

“Let him sit there for a little while,” he said.

Dickerson wasn’t sure if his son had a key to the residence that he got the ring from. His son did stay there some in the two months or so he and the young woman had been together, he said.

The elder Dickerson said he had heard from the young woman’s mother, who said that “he messed up going in my house,” but that she loved him and was praying for the family.

Phil Dickerson was a regular attendee at Citizens Against Corruption meetings during his campaign. One of the founding principles of that grassroots organization was to make sure that all residents are treated the same in the eyes of the law.

He emphasized that he has told everyone involved in the case that he doesn’t want or expect special treatment for anyone in his family.

“I was elected supervisor, which does not make me and my family exempt from problems and issues,” Dickerson said. “We are family strong.”

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