Why won't Cindy Hyde-Smith debate? Is she a chicken?

Last week in Texas, hopefuls for the U.S. Senate — Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Beto O’Rourke — participated in a live television debate so that the people of Texas would get an unvarnished look at where each candidate stood on the issues. Cruz, the incumbent, went into the lion’s den for the betterment of the people, even though he probably could have skipped it, seeing as he is the incumbent.

But he didn’t. He went toe-to-toe with his challenger on a big stage in front of a live television audience. The practice is ongoing throughout the country as we are now two weeks from Election Day. Even New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who sidestepped and avoided any chance of debate against his Republican candidate has finally relented. Could it have been the New York Post cover showing Cuomo in a chicken suit that changed his mind? Hmm?

In Mississippi, Cindy Hyde-Smith, who has a career in agriculture, is ducking any form of debate because of her cowardice at facing Chris McDaniel on a stage. Put Hyde-Smith against McDaniel and it is lights out — pure Reagan conservatism against a Hillary-voting Democrat turned Establishment puppet senator. McDaniel has prodded and begged for a debate — with Hyde-Smith and Democrats Tobey Bartee and Mike Espy, but the hand-chosen incumbent refuses. If only Espy and Bartee were as forceful in their demands that she debate, the people of Mississippi would get a true look at what each would offer the state’s residents.

Instead, Hyde-Smith is embarking on a carefully scripted bus tour with her handlers keeping her as insulated as possible, trying to run out the clock until Election Day. Last week, we again called on her to agree to a debate. Of course, she ignored us just like she is ignoring you, the voters. She doesn’t want to be exposed as the chosen Haley Barbour hack Establishment politician the people of this country are sick and tired of. She is the epitome of everything wrong with the “club” that is Congress.

She doesn’t want to have to answer as to her history as a Democrat and her voting for Hillary Clinton. She doesn’t want to get on stage in front of you, the people, because then folks would actually hear her and listen to her answers. Heaven forbid, her handlers would be saying.

Cindy Hyde-Smith is a chicken. She has come up with excuse after excuse after excuse as to why she will not debate. She has said the Senate is keeping her too busy and she cannot leave Washington, but somehow found time on a weekday to attend a rally with the president. That excuse should ring hollow seeing as how the Senate is out of session

What she won’t say is that she is a chicken, afraid of the voters. She doesn’t care about you. She cares about the club, Haley Barbour, the Establishment back-room politics that is killing our country.

With extreme deference — and gratitude for the idea — we pay homage to the New York Post’s headline writers and cover designers with Mississippi’s version of a New York chicken. The only difference is that the chickens in New York who were ducking the voters were Democrat politicians, while Cindy is a…

Oh, wait…

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The people deserve a debate. Cindy Hyde-Smith, your assertion that you love a debate is obviously FALSE!

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