11.18 Justin Dean Walters

Dean Walters, 33

So, did you hear the latest one? A drunk sex offender walks into a sheriff’s department and winds up behind bars ...

Justin Dean Walters, 33, of Moselle went to the Jones County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday morning to re-up his registration as a sex offender, as they are required to do every three months. He was a month early, which was admirable, JCSD officials said — but he was drunk.

“It is not recommended that you show up at the sheriff's department while drunk,” said Investigator Wesley Waites, who manages sex offender compliance. “Even worse is the high probability that this subject operated a motor vehicle while intoxicated thereby putting others on our roadways at risk.

There is much to be said for making good and proper decisions.”

Walters apparently drove himself to the JCSD, but law enforcement did not see him driving his vehicle, so they were not able to charge him with a


They were, however, able to give  him a ride — to the Jones County Adult Detention Center. Walters was booked in and charged with public drunkenness. He is compliant with JCSD as a sex offender, living at 10 Moselle-Ovett Road.

He was convicted of sexual battery in Jones County in 2008 after admitting to having sex with a 15-year-old when he was 19. He was also convicted of grand larceny for his role in stealing more than $4,000 worth of copper wire in 2007.

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