The Downtown Ellisville Paving Project continues although the rain has put a slight damper on the timeline.

The only thing holding up progress on paving the streets is the rain, city engineer Wiley Pickering said. The Ellisville Board of Aldermen approved a few change orders on unforeseen circumstances that were mentioned in the previous meeting. A storm drain was discovered underground that needed to be replaced along with 20 feet of piping. Another issue discovered was trenches that would not drain from excess rain and groundwater.

Crews filled it with crushed stone for compaction, Pickering said. The total cost for the change order was $30,920.88.

“That brings the total for the paving project at this point to $357,497.51,” Pickering said.

The city received a $500,000 grant for paving improvements from the legislature in 2017 and the total remains under the grant at this point. Additionally, the board OK’d payments to TL Wallace Construction for the paving portions completed in June for $56,369.05 as well as the June statement for Clark Engineers at $4,868.99.

Pickering also brought to the board the Emergency Road and Bridge Fund. The state has $89 million to award this year to cities across the state’s 82 counties. The project would replace five existing single-span bridges with precast concrete box culverts at Main, Fridge, Blank, Camp, Short and North streets.

“Another bridge that needs repair is on Royal Street,” Pickering said.

This project would replace a two-span bridge that is 38 feet in length with a reinforced concrete bridge box. The board approved submitting these projects for grant funds.

The board also approved payment to River Ridge for the downtown water main repairs, withholding 10 percent of the agreed-upon costs to finish up some necessary repairs. The payment is for $51,509.79.

Other business

The city approved a motion to allow the option to explore looking at refinancing for the city’s sewer loan to get a lower interest rate and shorter payment period.

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