Kristen and Bernie McGee (TLC)

TLC ‘star’ lashes out at judge, ordered back May 15


A reality TV star who was scheduled to be in Jasper County Justice Court earlier this month didn’t like what the judge had to say.

Kristen Paige McGee, 42, of Brandon, who has a role on TLC’s “Seeking Sister Wife,” was in court in Bay Springs to answer a charge for stalking.

But when Judge Marvin Jones told her that her court date had been moved to May 15, she became upset and started arguing.

“I’ll be back with my attorney by my side,” she said as she stormed out of the courtroom, yelling at the judge, who had just patiently explained her rights and the procedures that were to follow.

McGee and her 42-year-old husband Bernie, both of whom are on the show, were charged with stalking. It’s not clear why he wasn’t in court.

Both were arrested in March after Kristen McGee’s brother Patrick Marble and his girlfriend Nicki Smith, both of Jasper County, filed an affidavit in justice court claiming that the McGees were stalking them and “leaving harassing calls on his home, cell and work phones.” Both Marble and Smith said they “fear for their lives,” according to the affidavits.

The judge issued a warrant to pick up the McGees in Rankin County, Sheriff Randy Johnson said. They were booked into the Jasper County Jail “for a couple of hours” then allowed to post bond of $250 each. The charges are considered to be misdemeanors, the sheriff said.

Several national entertainment news outlets — TMZ, People, Newsweek and others — did stories on the arrests.

It wasn’t known what caused the family rift, but about a month earlier, Paige McGee reportedly went to Facebook messenger to attack a fan who has a child with Down syndrome. She wrote that the fan’s child was a “retard” and said that the disability is genetic and was the result of the fan being “a horrible person … and god is punishing you!”

When a fan showed the message to Marble, he tweeted, “Paige enjoys playing the victim and having people feel sorry for her. She’s found the perfect format to facilitate this.”

That response apparently led to problems between the family members.

The show “Seeking Sister Wife” follows four families in polygamous relationships as they seek, date or transition a new sister wife into their lives, according to TLC.

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