15th street crash

The car was lodged on a partition before being removed by the Laurel Fire Department and towed away. The driver was hospitalized and faces felony and misdemeanor charges related to methamphetamine possession.

(Photo by

Jack Hammett)

“Speed” was a factor in a crash on West 15th Street — in more than one way.

A driver who crashed on around noon Thursday faces felony and misdemeanor methamphetamine charges, Laurel Police Chief Tommy Cox said, but details are sparse as those charges are pending.

The Laurel police and fire departments responded to a crashed vehicle that was lodged on a driveway partition of the “Howard House” on 15th. First-responders said speed was a factor; the unidentified driver was hospitalized with minor injuries. A neighbor wrote to the Leader-Call stating she and the house’s current owner will attend the next city council meeting, which is scheduled for today (Tuesday) to raise concerns about a lack of patrol cars and an abundance of speeders in that area.

Action is needed now, Sheila Hennis wrote. She’d written to city officials about the issue only a couple of weeks before Thursday’s accident.

“The ONLY officer that we have seen issuing tickets to speeders on our street was Officer (Kenny) Rogers,” Hennis wrote. “It seems as if now when an officer is sitting out on West 15th Street he does NOTHING to stop speeders or much less issue a ticket.” 

While former Police Chief Tyrone Stewart was in office, the speed limit was lowered from 30 to 20 mph, Hennis wrote, but that hasn’t stopped drivers from speeding, she added.

Cox said more information on the driver and charges will be released when those charges are no longer pending.

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