An argument over who wrote a rap song may have triggered a shooting in Jones County that reportedly put a man in a Jackson hospital.

No information has been released by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department (see Jim Cegielski column on A5), but multiple law enforcement officials with knowledge of the case say that 30-year-old Justin Mayfield was found in a residence on Bush Dairy Road suffering from multiple gunshot wounds just after midnight Thursday. 

He reportedly underwent emergency surgery at South Central Regional Medical Center and was transported to University Medical Center, where he was reportedly taken to ICU. 

Mayfield, who is listed as a rapper from Waynesboro with the nickname “BoneGrizzle” on Facebook, reportedly went knocking on doors at a mobile home park on Bush Dairy Road just after midnight Thursday. Residents didn’t open their doors but they called 911, sources with knowledge of the case said, but when deputies arrived, the man was no longer there.

Officials were reportedly able to follow the man’s blood trail to a residence down the road about 150 yards away. When they saw blood on the porch, they entered the home to see if anyone inside needed help. That’s where they found Mayfield suffering from three gunshots — to the face, the abdomen and the shoulder, multiple sources with knowledge of the case said.

A vehicle that the shooter or victim was in has reportedly been recovered in Wayne County and was being processed by Jones County investigators. 

Investigators reportedly have a person of interest to question in the shooting. Sources with knowledge of the case say that the shooting may have been the result of an argument over who wrote a rap song.

First-responders from the Shady Grove Volunteer Fire Department responded along with EMServ Ambulance Service.  Officials at UMC said they didn’t have anyone admitted in the hospital under the name Justin Mayfield.

A Facebook message Mayfield posted about 12 hours before the shooting reads “Shots Fired” over a video of a young man rapping.

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