Rose Lovett

Rose Lovett listens to the judge. (Photo by Mark Thornton)

A little woman with a big attitude was in Jones County Circuit Court, where she admitted to fighting with and spitting on a deputy who responded to a call about problems she was causing.

Rose Lovett, 22, was ordered to serve three years on house arrest after pleading guilty to simple assault on a law enforcement officer. She was also ordered to serve two years on post-release supervision under the Mississippi Department of Corrections, pay court costs and fines of $1,677.50 and participate in the court’s community service program.

Lovett told Judge Dal Williamson that she is divorced with two children and is pregnant with her third, so her doctor said she couldn’t do community service.

“It’s a high-risk pregnancy,” she said.

When the judge asked how far along she is, Lovett said, “Four or five months … I don’t know, I don’t keep up with that.”

Deputy Ethan Wise responded to a family disturbance call in Moselle back in May, and when he arrived, Lovett “hit, kicked and scratched” him as he attempted to take her into custody and she “spit blood” in his face after she was handcuffed.

“You’re going to have to do community service until I see something from a doctor saying that you can’t do something such as serve food to hungry people at The Good Samaritan Soup Kitchen,” Williamson said.

He also told her that she would have to serve her time in prison if she didn’t meet all of the requirements of house arrest and post-release supervision. He asked if she had a job so she could pay monthly installments on what she owes the court. Lovett, who was represented by public defender Patrick Pacific, said she doesn’t have a job but she will be able to pay.

“I clean an older man’s house and take care of him,” she said, “and I get paid.”

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