guns at school

A Laurel High School teacher who had a firearm on campus was escorted from school property on Monday, and district officials are now trying to determine if he broke any laws. 

Brian Vogue was the teacher who had the gun, sources with knowledge of the incident said. School officials did not identify the teacher or tell the circumstances of how they found out he had the handgun. 

The teacher did have a Mississippi Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit, Laurel School District spokeswoman Lacey Walters Slay said. 

“(The teacher) was found to be in possession of a firearm and asked to leave campus,” she said in an emailed statement about the incident. “It is currently under review as to whether there was a violation of state law, and what recourse, if any, the school district has in this situation according to current policy, code and statute.” 

The case was not handled with the Laurel Police Department but by School Resource Officers, according to reports. 

Mississippi law prohibits concealed carry licensees from possessing a concealed handgun in any elementary or secondary school facility, any junior/community college, college or university facility unless for the purpose of participating in any authorized firearms-related activity and at any school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms. 

Those who have an enhanced concealed carry permit are exempt from the prohibition, according to state law, though private schools may exercise their right as private-property owners to exclude all firearms from their property, if they choose. 

There is an exception for non-students in a motor vehicle with a firearm as long as he or she “does not brandish, exhibit or display in any careless, angry or threatening manner,” according to state law.

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