Second man accused of song-related shooting nabbed by Marshals, LPD

Jameer “Lump” Everette

Jameer “Lump” Everette

A Lump who had been on the lam for more than four months after a rap-related shooting in North Laurel is behind bars.

Jameer “Lump” Everette, 27, of Waynesboro was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals and Laurel police in the parking lot of Howard Industries, where he was picking up someone, according to a report.

Everette was wanted by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department in the shooting of 30-year-old Justin “BoneGrizzle” Mayfield, who was “lured” to a residence by a woman on Bush Dairy Road in November, then shot five times by two men who accosted him, according to court documents. 

Everette made his initial appearance in Jones County Justice Court on Friday and is being held on $40,000 bond, adding three more felony charges to his rap sheet — aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit a crime and felon in possession of a weapon. He was also charged with gang activity.

Legerrian “Bubblehead” Blakley, 28, of Waynesboro, who is also charged in the shooting, was arrested shortly after the assault and has since been released from the jail on $30,000 bond. Iesha Crosby, 27, of Laurel was charged with accessory and is out on $12,500 bond.

Everette and Blakley are members of the Vice Lords and Mayfield is a member of the Gangster Disciples, according to affidavits that were read in court. All are rival rappers from Wayne County.

Mayfield, who underwent emergency surgery at South Central Regional Medical Center, and was airlifted to University Medical Center in Jackson before going to his father’s house to recover.

When contacted via Facebook Messenger about how he’s doing and what started the rap battle, Mayfield replied, “They hating cause I make better music than them,” and he wrote “ain’t got no beef or dislike nobody.”

Mayfield “dissed” his accused shooters in a rap he did, according to the affidavits. 

A video posted on YouTube by “BoneGrizzle” under the heading “Ayo Da Homo Slaughter” has lyrics that refer to Everette as a “homosexual a - - n - - - er.” Ayo is another nickname Everette goes by. Investigators had information that he was out of town and that he had possibly been shot in the leg during a struggle for a gun.

The victim’s father, Samuel Mayfield, said that his son was shot in the stomach, the back of the shoulder and in the mouth.

“He’s got some teenage ways,” he said at Blakley’s initial appearance, “but he didn’t deserve what he got. They set him up, shot him and left him for dead.”

The victim was shot on the night of Nov. 28 at the residence, which is just outside of the Laurel city limits. He was lured there by Crosby, who created a fake Facebook profile, then went and picked him up in Wayne County and brought him back to her house to have sex, according to the affidavit. Once they got to the bedroom, two men ambushed Mayfield and started shooting.

Mayfield was able to get away and started knocking on doors at a mobile home park just down the road. No one opened their door, but residents did call deputies to report the man. When deputies arrived, they were able to follow a blood trail to the residence and found Mayfield nearby, according to the affidavit. 

Travis Mayfield, who is the victim’s brother and an animal control officer in Laurel, said his younger brother is “a good guy” and “he didn’t deserve this.”

Blakley had no prior felonies. When asked about his involvement at the time of his initial appearance, he said, “At the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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