Timothy Roberts

Timothy Roberts, described as a “mid-level dealer,” is accused of selling meth, ecstasy and marijuana. (Photo by Mark Thornton)

An Ellisville man who was wanted for dealing three kinds of drugs was arrested five months after the illegal substances were discovered in his residence.

Timothy Roberts, 35, is facing three felony charges after Jones County Sheriff’s Department’s Narcotics Division officers found methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana at his residence on Camp Street in Ellisville.

The officers found the drugs after executing a search warrant at the residence on May 30, according to a post on the JCSD Facebook page. A warrant was issued for Roberts’ arrest as a result of the search, and he was finally taken into custody on Friday.

Roberts is charged with trafficking meth (58.6 grams), possession of MDMA/ecstasy with intent to distribute (24 dosage units) and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute (57.6 grams). The street value of all the drugs is approximately $10,000, said a source with knowledge of the cost of illicit drugs. Another source with knowledge of the local drug scene described Roberts as a “mid-level” dealer in the county, but a primary source in Ellisville.

Roberts’ initial appearance was Sunday in Jones County Justice Court. Judge Howell Beech set his bond at $45,000, which he posted a few hours later and was released from the Jones County Adult Detention Center.

Lt. Robert Little of the JCSD was in court Sunday as the investigating officer.

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